Please see below a list of our FAQ's

Yournet is in Beta Testing
  • What is a Beta Test?

    A Beta Test is a phase of the product development that allows us to test the functionality of the service and its features before it is fully launched. This gives us the chance to test the service with a small audience and get their feedback on the service, its features and how it performs. Certain features of the service may not be fully developed and may have bugs at this point and we want to fix these before a full launch.

  • How many countries can I access with Yournet during Beta?

    Users will be able to access content from between 5 - 10 countries during the Beta test. We will be testing different options during this period and the number may vary from time to time as we test and get feedback.

  • Will Yournet be available in all countries?

    During the Beta test there will be limited access to the service and it will not be available in to use in all countries. As we expand and improve the service we will be able to have it available in more countries.

  • How long with the Beta test last?

    We expect that the Beta test will last 1-2 months for us to get enough feedback on the service and how it is performing.

Questions about Yournet
  • What is Yournet?

    Yournet is a proxy service that allows users to visit websites and access content that may otherwise be blocked or unaccessible to them from their existing location.

    Yournet allows users to configure only the sites that they want to go through the proxy servers. Any websites that are not configured in Yournet do not go through our servers and go direct.

    Typically, users will be able to access Social Media sites, Internet Radio sites, Music and Video sites. Users may also want to use it to access News or Media sites that may be blocked in their country.

    The Yournet team believe that it is your net so you should be able to access the content that you want! The internet should be accessible as it was intended without virtual borders and restrictions.

  • Do I need to create an account?

    No, you do not need to create an account or provide an email address or a password. We want users to feel as private as possible when they use Yournet and there is no need for us to have this information. Users simply download the browser extension from any of the browser stores and in less than 30 seconds they can have the extension installed and ready to be used.

  • Do I need to pay a subscription?

    No, there is no need for you to pay any subscription fees. Yournet is funded through non-intrusive advertising that is displayed to our users on the Yournet website.

  • How do I access the service and access content?

    Once the user has downloaded the browser extension in order to get access they will need to do the following.

    1. Go to GET ACCESS, choose a time plan and engage with ads to get the time and access to the Yournet servers.
    2. The user can then configures the websites and countries they want to surf from. These are called LOCATIONS.
    3. The user can now be accessing the content that they want.
    4. Only websites configured in the LOCATIONS section go through the Yournet servers.

    You can see more here in the Tutorial.

Advertising on Yournet
  • How do the Ads work on Yournet?

    Yournet offers a unique ad experience whereby the user is rewarded for interacting and viewing adverts on the Yournet website. By engaging with the ads on Yournet the user gets time and access to our servers. The user is not forced to view the advertising, they can decide when they want to view the ads in order to access the service.

  • What kind of Ads are displayed?

    A user can expect to see a variety of ads that they will need to engage with. Users will provide feedback and answers to the ads that they are displayed. In addition to getting access to our servers the user may also get promotional or discount offers for products.

  • What kind of Ad forms are used?

    Only display ads are shown on the site that the user will engage with. There are no Pop-up ads, banners or intrusive ads of any nature. We want the users to interact with the ads in a seamless manner without it ruining your browsing experience. We view the intraction with the ads on Yournet as a fair and reasonable exchange in order to access and use a professionally managed service.

  • Can I select Ad Prefrences?

    Yes, in the browser extension users can enhance their ad experience by selecting the Ad Preferences that they would like to see. By providing basic information like your gender, age range and the types of categories that you are interested in the ads delivered can be more meaningful and these preferences will prioritise the ads that you will see.

    The Ad Preferences that you choose are 100% anonymous, we do not link this to any individual as you have not provided your email or created an account.

    Just to be very clear this information is only used to enhance your experience on Yournet with our partners. This information is not shared with any third party organisations. If it happens that there are not ads that match your Ad Preferences then standard or default ads may be displayed.

  • Can I give feedback about the ads?

    Yes, we welcome feedback on the ad experience of the users. If at anytime there is anything positive or negative that you would like us to be aware about please let us know.

Your Privacy
  • What data do you collect?

    We really believe that Yournet is different because we are able to deliver a pleasant ad experience to the user without the need to obtain your name or email or track your browsing history. The basic information we do collect (only if you decide to give it to us) like gender, age range and preferred categories purely helps to provide the user with more meaningful ads and is completely anonymous.

  • Do you track user's browsing behaviour?

    No, we do not track what you are doing online when using Yournet. We do collect anonymised Top Level Domains so that we can determine how people are using the service and we only do this in order to help us with future product development.

  • Our Commitment

    We really want our user's to be as free as possible to surf the internet and to use Yournet in order to help them access content that they may not be able to. We take our user's privacy very seriously and often when advertising and privacy are mentioned in the same sentence people become very skeptical.

    We believe that Yournet is a unique service that is funded through the non-intrusive advertising that its users engage with. By engaging with the ads users are rewarded for doing so and in addition get access to the service. Whilst there are certain types of information that we do need to enhance the service and ad experience we do not need any personal information from any user to do this.

    We are committed to keep the amount of data we need to a minimum to run the service and commit to all our users the following.

    • Anonymity - No Account, No E-mail, No Credit Card
    • We do not interfere with your traffic
    • We do not track your browsing behaviour
    • We do not inject ads
    • We do not use pop-ups or other annoying forms of ads
    • We only work with reputable ad partners
    • You get access to the service via ads
    • You engage with the ads on Yournet when you want
    • You are able to select your own Ad Preferences
    • Reliable and professionally managed servers